News AMD Ryzen 7 5700U Equipped Laptop Spotted


I thought the whole point of AMD skipping the 4000 series naming for their new Zen 3 desktop parts, was because the Zen 2 mobile APUs "ruined" the branding for Zen 3, and they wanted to stop mixing architectures.
If AMD is just going to mix Zen 2 and Zen 3 under the 5000 series branding regardless, then why did they rebrand the desktop parts to the 5000 series at all? It doesn't make a sense.
Then again, I don't know why they would waste their manufacturing capacity on a Zen 2 refresh when they already have a superior design being made with (probably) the same process?


Jan 27, 2014
Is there a better photo? Is it listed under Acer Store? This would be terrible! Acer hasn't even come out with all their Zen 2 (4000U) laptops yet. There's already a ton of misleading Amazon listings starting with "2020 Newest" which are actually 3200U. They are not being sold my reputable companies. The model number is not in the listing so you can't verify what you're buying. This listing looks fake whatever it is.