Question AMD sempron 140 supported best motherboard

Aug 7, 2019
Hi guys...
I have a desktop with AMD sempron 140 processor, ddr2 1 GB RAM...
So recently my PC all of a sudden stopped working... When I turn on the power, the power is reaching the CPU ( as the CPU lights are glowing) but the power is not reaching the monitor..
I took the CPU to 2 service centers, both said that I need to buy a new motherboard...
Now keeping the processor constant ( AMD sempron 140) and I'll buy a 4 GB RAM ( ddr2 or ddr3) and probably a low or mid level graphic card ( I want to in future, but not sure) can u guys suggest me two best motherboards ?
  1. A best ddr2 supported motherboard ( because I have that 1 GB RAM stick 🤷) + 4 gb ddr2 ram
  2. A best ddr3 supported motherboard + 4 GB ddr3 RAM
It'll be really helpful if u guys can suggest me the best 2 motherboards in these 2 categories... Cheers, peace
AMD Sempron 140 is a 2009 single core processor that sells for less than $10 in the used marketplace. You can find AMD quad core Phenom II models for around $20 that work in similar motherboards.

AM2+ motherboards use DDR2 and are from year 2009.
AM3 and AM3+ motherboards are DDR3 became available in 2009 and were available new until the Socket AM4 models were released in September 2016. There still are some new ones still being sold. You can also find used ones on eBay. 600138080

AM2+ model
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