Android on Windows 8.1 PCs and Laptop-Tablets


Nov 2, 2013
Hi Guys,

I am not sure whether I have discovered the hot water however I wanted to share this finding with you (or the one of you that didn't know about it).

I just bought an Asus T100 (waiting for delivery) and I do have some app on my Android tablet that I wanted to use reason why I'd keep my Android Device (after years I came to the conclusion that Android devices are pretty much useless), so I did my research and I have bumped into a software made by American Megatrends: DuOS - AMIDuOS

It works like a charm on my desktop (and hopefully it will on the T100 too), it literally made my desktop pc thinking to be an Android Device (within Windows, no need to install / partition or anything) and it runs pretty much any app or games made for Android including the Google app store.

So a Good solution if you want to mess around with it or if you really need to use it :)

Saga Lout

Olde English
This could help me pump some files into an Android tablet that I can't even do in either Mint of Kali systems. Sadly, though, the download I've got seems only to want to work in a 64 bit Windows system.

Must research further - all I want is is to install Root File Explorer into a tablet with 1.68Gb free space in the system memory but which refuses every installation of any file size with the "insufficient space" message.