Question Another RealTek network card limiting bandwidth

Feb 24, 2020
I have been through the other threads here and taken the advice given in those threads before posting this. I have a Win10 machine with the RealTek PCIe GBE Family Controller. I have updated the latest driver and made sure the Auto Disable Gigabit is "disabled" and the Speed and Duplex is set to 1.0Gbps. I have all new cat 6 cables everywhere. I actually have two computers plugged into this Linksys EA4500 Router (in bridge mode) and the other computer is up in the 900 gbps range whereas this computer is throttled at just under 100gbps.

Thoughts on this one? I'm sort of out of ideas after reading forums for a couple of days. Thanks!
Not sure what threads you found but you want the setting to always be AUTO. If you set one end to auto (the router can not be changed) and the pc to a fixed value the router will not get the signalling to detect the speed and many times will force its end to 100mbps. You either get 100mbps connection or you get a dead connection.

I would agree try to boot it on a linux image. Still these most times are physical hardware related. You need to try mulitple cables. Be sure they are pure copper cables and not flat or thin. After that you start to consider a broken pin or something in the port. There are not many other options