Another triple monitor question

Oct 2, 2018
First off, I’m new to pc’s so you may have to dumb it down for me. I bought a gateway pc that from what I have gathered is running Windows 7, i7 quad core 2600k, and an ati Radeon 5770 graphics card. I found 3 monitors for sale used all in which don’t have DisplayPort. I plan on running iracing. The guy who sold me the computer also gave me a spare Radeon 5xxx series video card. Can I install the second graphics card and use HDMI and 2x dvi to setup triple monitors? Or even with the second card I would still need to run a DisplayPort monitor? And if I can, would I need a bigger power supply and cooling system? Thanks


Dec 21, 2016
Yes its possible, set up your Radeon 5770 first as your initial display and get that working, then set up the Radeon 5xxxx series and install those drivers to run it. Ensure the Radeon 5770 is installed in the closest PCI-E slot to the CPU.
Also, take in mind that both cards will need to be supplied so basically you need a huge psu. A trustable brand 750 to 1000W its OK and in the case of 1000W its an overkill but i do prefear to get bigger psus since they stress the less, heat less, and last longer.
I recommend EVGA 1000W GQ Gold 80 + series, definitly a nice and trustable PSU (its the one im using on my luxurious pc) and as for cooling system unless you wanna really push them hard i wouldnt say a cooling system is needed, But ill definitly take a very Opened Case to cool better your 2 Graphic cards like this one Wich is very opened as you can see since it has lots of ventilation and filters.