[SOLVED] Another "Why Wont It Post?" Ryzen 3600

Oct 30, 2020
Hi. Sorry in advance. But I'm stuck.

I have:
ASUS PRIME-B550M-K motherboard.
BIOS 1004. The latest on the ASUS webpage.
It should support a Ryzen 3600.

I have two 500W power supplies. An Antec and a Thermalake.
I followed the sticky post and shoved multimeter probes all over and they both seem good.
Both the Main power and CPU power plugged in.

A single 16GB Corsair Vengeance Pro 3200MHz RAM stick into slot B2, as suggested by the motherboard manual.
I have tried slower DDR4 RAM from another PC.

I put in an Athlon 220GE, and everything works fine, all the way to Windows booting.
It is a cheap slow processor, but it let me update the BIOS, and shows that everything seems to work.

Put in a Ryzen 3600.
Power starts up. The RAM LCDs glow. Fans spin. The motherboard glows orange in one corner.
But nothing happens beyond that. Nothing on the screen.

There is a momentary fade of power after a few seconds. The fans slow a bit, and then they speed up again.
But the screen remains blank.

So, obviously a bad CPU, yes? I must have short-circuited it somewhere along the way.

SO I BUY ANOTHER, fool that I am.
It also does not work.

I suspect I now have 2 perfectly healthy Ryzen 3600 chips.

I tested for beeps using the multimeter on the speaker plug. Watching voltage changes. With no RAM I get 3 beeps/flashes of voltage.
With RAM, no voltage spikes. I may have to go find a proper speaker.

Now I am just stuck.
I don't know what I am missing.
What does the 3600 require that the Athlon does not?

Sorry. I know this stuff is repetitive, but I need a new angle.
Oct 30, 2020
.... Batman on a pogo stick... You are right.

You know, the motherboard has video ports on the back, and so I just assumed there was video support in there.
In the past there'd be a cheap Intel chip onboard.

Anyway, I put in a video card and it works. Ugh.

I had deliberately kept things minimal. Too minimal.

I know from Googling that people do ask this question, and never get a good answer.
Well Done.