Antec Cooling Gets Big, Small, And Fluid For Computex 2016

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A high performance CPU cooler that completely covers the RAM?

I doubt DDR4 requires the larger heatsinks, but they clearly need them to differentiate themselves in the performance market and for the branding.

This cooler likely performs on par or worse than what's already available and forces a consumer into rather specific RAM choices? Looks like a terrible decision but we'll have to see those numbers. Antec wants to stand out in a market but asks too much imho.

It doesn't seem like the heaviest of options, but its up there. I wonder what method they're using to attach to the motherboard. Sadly, that's not on display.


these air coolers are getting so huge they need their own support retention brackets to attach them to the case so they don't ripe the cpu socket out of the pcb when the system gets pushed hard.


Dec 13, 2011
I use to be an Antec fan but they are stuck in their ways. Every year it the same crap at a high price where their competition offers more flexibility and features for less than the Antec alternative. After they rode the Nine Hundred cases until the wheels fell off, now they are playing catch up with these massive heatsinks that look like Phanteks clones.
Those stacks are not very thick compared to existing units ... would not be surprised at all if the total mass is the same as existing coolers, and dimensions not that much different either. Design seems to be all about getting an extra fan in there but yet most and 2 fan cooler can mount a 3rd fan. This could have a fourth.

The weight of these coolers is a non-issue except during shipping if not properly supported. The 60 - 70 pounds of clamping force applied to get optimal TIM heat transfer dwarfs any impact of the weight on the MoBo.

Retention brackets have been apart of 3rd party cooling since the getgo and, again, it has as more to do with "clamping force" which is 30 times the unit weight. Pushing a CPU "hard" does not increase the weight or forces on the board.

The comment an RAM selection took me by surprise. The need for tall heat sinks disappeared with DDR2, and now the only function of these tall toothy designs is to "look cool" in the package. You cant see the profile or the fancy graphics once installed.

And yes, it does look like a Phanteks clone, even adopting Phanteks color choices.
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