Question Antec Prizm 120 ARGB 5+C

Mar 4, 2022
Hey there everyone,

I was wondering what software is compatible with these fans that would allow me to control them without going into the BIOS?


IF you are buying a set of several fans they come with their own Controller box that can be connected to a case Reset button to give you MANUAL control of its displays. However, that box does not have any way to use software to control it directly.

HOWEVER, that box DOES have the ability to accept control signals from another source such as an ARGB header on your MOBO. To do this you must connect a cable (supplied with the Controller) from the Controller's F input port to TWO mobo headers. The cable has TWO connectors - one to go to a mobo SYS_FAN header for motor speed control, and another to go to a mobo ARGB header for lighting Control. So IF your mobo has an ARGB header, you can make that connection. Once that is in place, look at the MODE button on the Controller. Its normal use is to change the displays manually. BUT if you push and hold that in for 5 sec it will turn over display control to the signal coming from the mobo header. (It does not specify whether that setting is kept permanently so it stays that way after you shut down and re-start.)

If you have the system connected to use the mobo header for display control, then you do NOT use BIOS Setup to adjust those displays. Your mobo will come with its own software utility app to use under Windows to configure the lighting displays.