Question Anti Aliasing Issues RTX 2080 Ti After Overclock


Jul 26, 2018
Alrighty. So I basically started playing Rise of The Tomb Raider, and hadn't noticed any noticeable flickering in terms of bad anti aliasing when I moved the camera. I play at 1080p, so was using SMAA I believe it's called, not the crazy ones of 2x or 4x cus I wanted high refresh rate. I got MSI Afterburner and Kombuster in order to try a bit of light overclocking, just to see if any performance difference would be worth it. I only altered the areas on MSI Afterburner I was told, so i put the power limit to max and temp limit, which both were nothing too crazy of a jump. (max temp 81, and max power 120 instead of 100 I believe, wasn't a huge jump. I did a light overclock, I used kombuster to find my max, when kombuster crashed i turned it way way down and had all my games running perfectly fine. When I opened Tomb raider I noticed some weird Anti aliasing issue. when I moved the camera, it just felt like some textures were super flickery. I can't tell if I am overthinking it or if something to do with the overclock messed with it. I undid the overclock, restarted my pc to be safe, but the issue is still in the game. I've tried the x4 option just to see, but it doesn't look much better. it's only on very certain textures. I restored my pc to a point before I overclocked, still same issue. I have to underline that my gpu never got hotter than 71c, and I did not touch any settings regarding voltage, as I've heard it's risky. I just altered the basics. So basically, is it just an in game thing, or is there a chance I've somehow managed to break my gpu? I'm having no performance issues, it stays cool and it is not overclocked. furthermore I didn't mess with anything dodgy, just the basic increase of core clock while using kombuster, but even after undoing any slight overclock, the issue remains.

My specs for reference
RTX 2080 Ti (not overclocked anymore)
i9 10900K (never overclocked)
32gb ram
750w power supply, 80 plus platinum certified

It is an omen prebuilt and i've never had an issue, so it's no error regarding me building it.

I guess im just looking for confirmation that theres no way i've managed to damage my gpu, when it never even got dangerously hot, and i didn't alter voltage at all (the option wasn't even available) and i didn't alter memory clock. I can't tell if I'm just hyperfixating on anti aliasing but yeah I'm just paranoid haha.