Question antia aliasing issues in games


Sep 25, 2015
Hey everone

I have jagged lines in every game I play. When i turn on anti aliasing settings in game, there is no big difference. I have uploaded 4 pictures for comparison:

Cod black ops cold war: with MSAA v.s. with FXAA
rocket league: with MSAA v.s. no anti aliasing

As you can see, there are subtle differences but I think the anti aliasing is not working properly. I have uninstalled my drivers with DDU and I have also checked if there are no 3rd party programs altering the anti aliasing settings. Another problem I have, is that the icons on my wallpaper turn black when I hover over them. Just like in this Reddit post. Maybe these problems are correlated.

My system:
i7 4790 3,60 Ghz
rx 5700 (driver version: 20.11.2)
16gb ram

Many thanks!
hi, first picture kinda shows fence, which MSAA doesnt support, FXAA is a little hax to get antaliasing with better performance (its better than nothing :) )
what u need is either increase resolution or use supersampling
open radeon settings
gaming -> global settings:
antialiasing method -> supersampling
antialiasing mode -> override application setting
antialiasing mode -> higher number = better result at cost of FPS

u can make per app adjustment or for all apps
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