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  1. ProSenpai94

    Question Windows is full of contradictions ??

    i have a 64 bit windows 10 pro os . i recently installed a game called rocket league from torrent and when i ran the game it was not working so i tried some fixes like running it as administrator and when i cam across the files of the game there were two folder win64 and win32 as i have 64 bit...
  2. redfacedm

    Question Computer randomly tabs out and crashes when playing Rocket League ?

    For over a year and a half now I have been having an issue where, when playing Rocket League specifically, my game will randomly tab out, and sometimes my entire PC will freeze and become unresponsive. For about 20-30 seconds I still have audio and can hear my friends talking in discord and...
  3. B

    Question My games looks smooth but lag at the same time

    Hey guys so i have an i5 3470 gtx 970 10gb of ram , the problem that im facing is kinda weird or maybe my tv , unfortunately i dont have a monitor which is i dont know if its the issue , so when i have 32 inch JVC Tv i play with , when i play rocket league with 60fps stable , the game looks...
  4. D

    Question Terrible Input lag and fps no matter what I do, strange FPS graphs, please help

    Hi guys, I have been playing Rocket League competitively, and the last few weeks I have been getting terrible input lag (feels much worse than console, feels like at least 100-200ms delay) and strange fps behavior which persists no matter what I try. I am on the verge of buying a new computer...
  5. E

    Question Shader Cache Causes Stutters in Rocket League ?

    Hey people. My issue is Rocket League stutters/drops frames during the first minutes of the first match of each session. As soon as it stops compiling shaders, it is smooth sailing. This is normal in games, especially in UE4 ones but in most games, these stutters disappear after your first...
  6. LORYT699

    Question Deep of field or something like that

    Hi, I don t know if is a real problem but actually this "problem" is about deep of filed or something like that. I notice it on rocket league but probably there is in other games because also my brother told me that in assetto corsa competizione he can t really see the 3D space. The problem as...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] AMD stuttering issue even after upgrading BIOS

    Hi everyone, As you all know the AMD fTPM bug these are my specs : MB: Asus Prime B550M-A (Wi-Fi) BIOS Ver: 2803 APU: AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 4650G RAM: 2x Corsair Vengence LPX DDR4 3200 SSD: XPG sx6000 Pro 256GB M.2 HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM 1TB PSU: 650W 80+ Gold OS: Windows 10 21H2...
  8. E

    [SOLVED] Need upgrade advice

    The main goal, play games (mainly rocket league) at higher than 60 fps (preferably 120+) If I'm going about any of this the wrong way, please let me know. Here is my current build: I recently got a Samsung UN50RU7100F 7 Series from...
  9. OblivionsEdge

    Question Rocket League CookedPCConsole

    I'm trying to get some space on my SSD so that windows will stop moaning about there being no space left to do anything (in fairness the 120Gb SSD has about 1.5Gb remaining). I've downloaded WinDirStat to try and sus out where all the space is being used, and on of the largest single cells of...
  10. C

    [SOLVED] antia aliasing issues in games

    Hey everone I have jagged lines in every game I play. When i turn on anti aliasing settings in game, there is no big difference. I have uploaded 4 pictures for comparison: Cod black ops cold war: with MSAA v.s. with FXAA rocket league: with MSAA v.s. no anti aliasing As you can see, there are...
  11. J

    [SOLVED] Why does my pc not open rocket league?

    I have a Dell Optiplex 990 MT with an I5-2400 @ 3.10ghz and 4gb ram and intel HD 2000 intergrated graphics I Know I need a graphics card but rocket league should be able to run but each time I try to open it on my pc it crashes and it won't open at all so what should I do?
  12. R

    [SOLVED] New build acting weird?

    So I'm just getting around to figuring this out. I built a new PC like 2 months ago with a 3700x and a 1070 from cl because i don't need a ton of graphics power(csgo, rocket league, some pubg etc). First thing that happens is the prism cooler spins for like a second when I hit the power button...
  13. C

    [SOLVED] Rocket League is very choppy

    Hey all, my rocket league is not smooth to play on and im not sure where to start. I can easily run it at above 60 frames, but that is not the problem Specs 1060 6gb i5 6600k 8 gb of ram 60 hz monitor any help is appreciated, thanks.
  14. S

    Question Rocket League BAD Stutters (MASSIVE headache)

    Hi there, I recently built a new gaming pc, but brought my old GPU into the new PC, everything else is brand new parts. You can find my build HERE. CPU & GPU temps are a bit high, but nothing more than they should be while gaming. I carried over the exact same video settings as my last PC, and...
  15. K

    Question RTX 2060 under performing (dropping frames)

    I recently bought an MSI RTX 2060 Gaming Z and I'm already having issues with it. Here is my whole set up MSI B450 Carbon Pro Gaming AC Ryzen 7 2700 MSI RTX 2060 Gaming Z 16Gb Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3200 500Gb HDD 120Gb SSD I have updated all drivers and uninstalled old drivers using the...
  16. X

    Question Fps drop from 70 to 32 fps problem help please!

    Hello everyone , i have an issue i hope you can help me ! i used to play in rocket league with 70 - 66 fps in high quality textures but these last weeks i seen a huge fps drop from 66 to 29 fps and i don't know why i turn the vsync off and update nvidia driver and also i did a fresh...
  17. F

    Question Troubles with cpu and psu please help!

    I have been having troubles with my pc when i open games,(rocket league wich is not a very demanding game) my pc turn off bcs of the temperatures of the cpu then i fix that changing thermal paste, but then the problem is when im in the game the pc freezes and i have to turn it off manually so i...
  18. S

    Question Dragon Quest 11 and other games crash, monitor displayport-NO SIGNAL

    Recently, I've been having trouble playing certain games on my PC. Specifically Dragon Quest 11 and Rocket League. For whatever reason, my monitor randomly goes black and says "Displayport-NO SIGNAL". I've tried EVERYTHING to fix this, from cleaning out my PC, unplugging everything, fresh...
  19. I

    Question Audio and input cut out playing Rocket League

    I'm having issues with rocket league and my game randomly stuttering where both audio and input cuts out for a split second. It has been happening frequently on my desktop, so I decided to use my laptop for a tournament instead today but still got some stutters (though not as many). I'm...
  20. S

    Question FPS drops/stutters in Rocket League only.

    About a month or 2 ago, I started having severe frame drops on Rocket League, but every other game I play runs perfectly smooth. I cap my FPS at 144 on RL, and when the stutter happens, it ALWAYS drops to around 27 FPS, causing a half second freeze which completely ruins the game and makes it...
  21. stejorin

    Question Is My Storage OK?

    Hello! I have been having various problems with my PC recently such as random error messages, a few failed boots, and most annoyingly, stutters in Rocket League. I Googled and tried a fix to Rocket League, didn't work so I wiped my drives and reinstalled Windows and the error messages went away...
  22. H

    vista to 7 upgrade free?

    can i upgrade my vista home premium to 7 for free without a new product key?
  23. F

    1x8 3000 or 2x4 2400 in (2018)

    So, Ive read a lot of stuff about faster memory speeds being better for Ryzen CPUs. However, more recently I've heard that the newer Ryzen lineup doesn't scale as dramatically with faster memory. Ive got a R5 2400g on a gigabyte ab350 gaming 3. Ive got a 2x4 kit of skHynix at 2400. I was...
  24. J

    2 weeks old laptop whistling.

    I just bought my laptop 2 weeks ago and like, my laptop was lagging and stuff like that and I shut it down really quick. After an hour, I opened it. When I'm on my lock screen, the laptop whistles loud and I was scared of what will happen to it. Can anyone help me with my problem?
  25. W

    2 Ram sticks wont work

    I just recently purchased 2 G.skill tridentz rgb series 16gb. My motherboard is GIGABYTE GA-Z270X-Ultra Gaming. My psu is Corsair Power Supplies , RM 850W. For some reason when i install 2 ram sticks my pc will not display anything but will turn on for about 4-5 seconds before shutting off...
  26. S

    Avast causing my games to fail launching.

    Hello, everyone. The past few months I have been experiencing issues where some times, my games won't launch and I get an error like this: "The application was unable to start correctly(0xc0000005)". When I turn off Avast, it all works like normally. I have added all of my game folders to the...
  27. P

    Opinions on my build

    I'm using an fm2+ socket Mobo. A78m-e45 I think. The CPU is a8 6600k. 14gb ddr3 1600mhz. Gammaxx 400 cooler. Xfx gtr Rx 480 8g. 160gb SSD and 1tb HDD. Do to upgrade. But gaming wise, what do you guys think?
  28. J

    PC reestarts over and over

    Hi guys, I'm building a new Gaming pc. The specs are: Gtx 1050 ti MSI, Intel core i3 6100, EVGA 500 W power supply, G.Skill Ripjaws V series 16GB DRR4-2133 and the H110m-A motherborad. I've been trying everything to get it working, but it just last like 5-7 seconds on and then reestarts. I tried...
  29. S

    monitor keeps losing signal

    so my monitor loses signal for various reasons such as closing programs, sticky keys, unplugging headphones out of computer. my monitor says hdmi 1 no signal then the monitor turns off and goes into power save mode. my computer is still running but monitor won't reconnect. I have to reset my...