Question Any advice as to how I can stop loosing packets in Rainbow 6 Siege?


Mar 29, 2018
I have this PC with a built in wifi card. The wifi card supports 5GHZ internet. It is also a model that was made in 2017. My brother's gaming laptop has 2014 parts built into it. The wifi card is essentially older than mine. I am closer to the router and I get a solid 866 MBPs with 100 percent signal strength based on the command: netsh wlan show interface on cmd. My brother can get 300 on the 5GHz band with 96 percent signal strength. He has never port forwarded either. Basically, when we play together, his ping stays at a constant 9 while mine will be 15(which is good), but every 10 seconds that red unplug signal appears and then people start lagging all over the place. This only happens on this game and no other game. I have tried everything. Updating drivers, buying new wifi cards to replace this one, contacted support and their advice didn't help. I cannot use Ethernet since I will not drill a hole to have a cord go downstairs. I have a C7000v2 Netgear router/modem. Are there any reasons as to why I am loosing packets but my brother isn't even though I am closer and have much more powerful software and connection?