Any possible way to RUN Bf3/ Cod MW:3


Oct 4, 2011
I have dell dimension c521

Intel Pentium 4 cpu 3.2 ghz

2.5 gb ram

512 mb geforce 8500 gt

Windows XP Service Pack 3

280 PSU

Now with my PSU i would like to find out the best card i can get to run BF3 and MW3 on low settings , i will upgrade to windows 7 or Vista of necessary.

With 280 PSU Which card should i get , the only option is a graphic card , dont have money for anything else. buying a laptop soon.

So far : Radeon 5670 1 gb

Im not sure if this radeon is possible with my rig , if not suggest a card that is.

And for geforce , im assuming the gt 240 can get the job done?

Anyways , please leave some suggestions for gpu , thanks
Your problem is not just graphics, it's your CPU. It doesn't matter what graphics card you buy, you still won't be able to play these games, even on low settings. A Pentium 4 is below the minimum system requirements for either game. All modern games require at least a dual core CPU. Even with a dual core CPU, a 280 Watt Power Supply isn't enough to power any decent video card, the best you could possibly get would be the Radeon HD 5570. Everything else, even the 5670 would draw too much power. You also need to upgrade your OS to Windows Vista/7 in order to play Battlefield 3.

Honestly, you would have better luck trying to play either game on the laptop you are going to buy. I'd say save the money, and put it towards getting a decent GPU on the laptop you're going to buy. Your only other option is either upgrade both your CPU (if that is even possible) and graphics on your desktop, or build a new desktop.

Gothams Finest

Sep 15, 2011
It will probably be cheaper to buy an Xbox 360 or PS3, or upgrade your laptop you're going to buy.

The HD5670 will get the job done for MW3 and for battlefield 3 on low settings.

but first to play battlefield 3 your going to need to upgrade:

Your OS to Windows 7
Your CPU to a Quad core
Your motherboard
Your PSU
Your memory
and then your graphics card



Dec 30, 2010
Your pc in lamens terms is erm well... rubbish for current gaming.
As above either build a whole new rig or just go ahead and get a console.
Only a moron will buy a console.$600 gives you a decent quad core CPU with a gts 450 and it will destroy the console visually


May 16, 2011

Considering the OP would need a new motherboard/psu/ram and new OS on top of the fact that they probably will have to pay someone to put it together for them.. yeah, no.

Not to mention the fact that a console costs MUCH less than $600

In this case, sir, you are the moron.

Gothams Finest

Sep 15, 2011

Agreed, this is basically what I said in my post.

Console or ugrading GPU on his laptop is the way to go.