Question Any recommendations on stable router with parental controls?


Mar 25, 2019
I've had a Linksys EA6350 dual-band router for a few years and I like the range and the overall dependability of the router but their firmware sucks. I've had nothing but problems with the parental controls with this device. Even with the latest firmware updates, the parental controls will work for a few days then stop. There are tons of threads on this issue on various forums and I've tried every suggestion I could find. I'm done with Linksys.

Any recommendations on a router that has stable parental controls for under $150?
Jul 16, 2020
I've had great luck with the free Circle parental controls included with my Netgear router. So much so that instead of replacing it with a Linksys router and Velop system I acquired, I'm just running them in bridge mode in order to be able to keep the Netgear and Circle.
How smart are your kids. Most quickly learn about vpn to bypass anything your try. Parental controls other than time of day things are not real useful any more. All traffic is encrypted so they can't look and see what is really being done. All that is left is intercepting the DNS requests. That last hole now is almost closed. All you have to do is set your DNS server to cloudflare and all DNS in chrome and and a few other browsers is encrypted. Microsoft has had test builds with it in for win10 so eventually everything will be fully encrypted.