Question Apartment network/coax help to connect to a modem/router in one

Sep 14, 2020
Need help, I’ve located the junction box in the closet, all the coax cables (4) are connected together thru splitters, but all the 4 Ethernet connections running to the junction box are missing the male ends. I’m trying to connect my modem/router in one place and be able to use lan Ethernet connection in the other 3 Ethernet/coax locations, any help would be appreciated.
So I assume you have a router that works in some room and it is connected via coax ?

If there is a ethernet wall port in that room you should be able to connect a LAN port on your router to that jack. Then back in the closet you need to connect all 4 ethernet cables to a small switch. You either must put ends on the cables or you must install a small patch panel and then use short ethernet cable to connect to the switch. With only 4 cables you might be able to use a simple wall plate with 4 keystones rather than a actual patch panel. Just putting ends on the cables is cheaper but takes a lot more skill and you need to buy a crimp tool.

Part of the issue is going to be if you do not actually own this apartment. Some places do not want you messing with the cables even if in the end it improves things.


Jan 27, 2011
  1. Just buy a gigabit network switch and 4 ethernet cables of appropriate length for that closet. (Amazon has some nice 5 pack deals on ethernet cables)
  2. Connect all 4 ethernet jacks into the switch.
  3. Connect the router/modem to one of the wall jacks in your house.
  4. Connect your PC's or Streaming devices into the other wall jacks in the house.
  5. Done.