Question Apex Legends Massive Input Lag

Jun 8, 2020
Hello. For almost a week i had a problem with Apex Legends that i never had before, specifically with enormous input lag. It feel like my mouse is unresponsive brick, i cant aim properly because of this. My PC:
MB -ASRock B360M Pro4
CPU - i7-8700
GPU - GTX 1080
RAM - 2x8GB 2666mhz
144hz 2560x1080 LG G-Sync monitor (i also have 2nd 1920x1080 75hz monitor that i dont use ingame)
Game installed on NVME SSD, Windows on regular SSD
Mouse is wireless Razer Viper Ultimate

To understand my input lag, try 5ms latency in kovaak`s, literally same effect. The goal is to make it as close to 0 as possible. Things i have already tried:
Reinstalling windows (3 times, currently i have 1809 windows ltsc)
Reinstalling all MB, GPU and device drivers.
Moving windows from NVME SSD to regular SSD.
Repairing and reinstalling game.
Changing exec/game properties with different commands.
Reseting and updating BIOS
Setting different setting is Nvidia Inspector and regular Nvidia Control Panel (such as ULL or max prerendered frames)
Changing ingame resolution and graphic settings (i have everything on low except texture budget, antialiasing and texture filtering)
Disabling windows fullscreen optimisation
Setting high process priority
Limiting my fps to different numbers.

I really need help from you, guys. I dont know what to do anymore, i cant play my favorite game. I can provide any possible information or make any tests. Thank you!


Oct 13, 2011
OP, when you experience input lag in the game, and then you alt-tab to the Windows desktop, do you feel input lag on the desktop also? At least temporarily? Because that's what happens to me.

Seems like GPU load causes input lag, and doesn't get alleviated until the load is gone. Happens with both my RX 580 and my GTX 770.

Also, input lag seems to go away if I uninstall my GPU drivers and just use the generic display drivers. Of course, this means the GPU isn't being utilized. Indicates an issue with the GPU, the PCIe bus, the GPU drivers, the software between the GPU/Windows... who the hell knows. There are so many factors.

I'm seriously considering building a new PC with a Ryzen APU just to see if I can get around this bulls#!*. I just hope the upcoming Ryzen 4700G APU—or at least the one after that—has enough juice to run my games. I don't care if I have to play at 720p on medium, I just want to be able to play competitively again.
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