Question APEX LEGENDS Stutters alot despite having a good rig....

Jun 10, 2022
My Game keeps stuttering ever since S10 I am forced to use Vsync at all time to minimize it...the funny thing is Adaptive Supersampling makes the suttter even more less noticable...even tho that is just for scaling Resolution...and down fall of using AS is that my gpu heats up faster cuz it meant for scaling to 16K or some crap along those lines, it says in Settings when u click on it..
so i wanted to know what do i need to do to fix this issue it so annoying...
GPU: Gigabyte 1070 Windforce Rev.2.0 8GB
CPU: Ryzen 5 1600X (soon switching to R5 3600)
RAM: 2x8(16) 3299mhz
MB: Biostar A320 (dont know the full name but am switching soon to Gigabyte B450 GAIMING X)
PSU: BeQueit 500W 80+ S9 (System 9 or 8 cant remember full name sorry)

i had no issues before even when i used Asus Strix 970 4GB(u used this GPU till S12 and i had same issues while using this gpu as well so in not GPU related) is it me or the game? (game did start having alot of issues around lots of stuff after S8 :/)