Arcade Combat Flight "Sim" Games


Jun 24, 2010
I'm looking for recommendations for a good, fun, easy to pick up, but with slightly more depth than the old Afterburner coin op game. I don't really care if it's old stye planes, modern planes, or space ships, I just want something not super realistic, but with descent physics, that plays well with a flight stick, and that is new enough to work properly with my 3D vision setup.

Something similar to the old Rogue Squadron games on N64, or even starfox would be cool. I have SkyDrift which is a crappy x-box port, and it's close to the kind of game I'm looking for, but it's a little too simplistic and I would like something where I can shoot all the time and not only when I collect a mario kart style powerup. I've tried Hawx and Hawx 2 but they were pretty boring, not enough action for an arcade game, and too poor of physics for a flight sim.

Can't say... The last flight sim I've played was a space combat sim called X-3 Terran Conflict. It is a complex game in both combat and galactic economy. Not easy to pickup, but pretty fun if you are into those types of games.

That last "easy to pickup" flight sim games I've played was the X-Wing series from LucasArts.