Question Are 144hz monitors recommended for single player FPS games?

Jun 23, 2019
I know that the general consensus is that you should have a 144hz monitor for competitive multiplayer games, particularly FPS games. I’m not interested in any of these games at the moment, however I’m really into single player FPS games like doom (2016) and I’m trying to upgrade my PC accordingly for doom eternal’s release. I’m most likely gonna purchase the RX 5700 XT. With that information in mind, should I get a 1440p 144hz monitor or a 4K 60 hz monitor?
Its personal preference really. Also 4K 60FPS stable is really game defendant, although Doom runs very very well so no doubt Doom Eternal should run as good(unless the mess it up).

Personally I find 1440P a nice middle ground and although I have a 144hz monitor, I think 120hz would have been fine as well with me. I do like the smother motions both in game and even just using my desktop.

Id suggest looking for a monitor that has FreeSync support as it really is a nice technology.
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