Question Are my i5-7600k and GTX 1070 bottleneck in 1440p?

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Jul 16, 2019
If possible you could try it on a different 2k monitor and see if it has the same issue. That would at least rule out a faulty monitor. The thermals all seem normal, and well within their usable range.

Edit: One of the only other things I can think of really is if the monitor is G-Sync and FreeSync or FreeSync/G-Sync compatible. If the latter that might mean that G-Sync isn't fully compatible with that monitor. Since you have a Nvidia GPU, they want you to use G-Sync, however they recently officially started supporting some FreeSync monitors for adaptive refresh rate.

It's probably unlikely, but maybe this monitor isn't fully supported on Nvidia GPU's for adaptive sync. But take everything I say with a grain of salt, because I'm a measly programmer and not an engineer!
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