are power supplies for desktop computers all universal?

More or less.
OEM systems can use proprietary units, those are not universal.
Most PSUs will fall into the ATX form factor, meaning they will fit in the ATX case. (some cases have a max length for PSUs)
There are also SFF psus, those only fit SFF cases.

That doesn't narrow it down,but probably atx ... (if HP or other oem like them do they use sometimes other formfactors,from what i know of ibuypower do they use more stock kind of cases,but i can be way off) You must now more than this for info. Can also post a picture of the back here.

You haven't mentioned a problem so how can we know this? Tell what the problem is here or make a new thread for it.

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Apr 10, 2017
i was playing a video game on pc a couple weeks ago and my gaming pc froze up and i got some kind of error message. i could not turn off the pc my only way of shutting down the system was flipping the switch to off on the psu. after that whenever i pushed the power button on the tower the light inside the pc case would just keep flashing and it would not boot up. ibuypower and several other people said its the either the psu or the motherboard. i bought a brand new psu im pretty certain that is the issue if not i dont know what to do next. right now im sitting here nervous about installing the psu because i never did one before i have plenty of videos to help me.
if the power supply goes on the bottom of the case and there dust tray to keep the dust from going into the power supply it faces down. if the unit on the top of the case you want the fan down. on case where the no air from the bottom the power supply has to be flipped to pull cold air into it.


Nov 30, 2006

Probably NOT a PSU problem, actually.

But if it's iBuyPower, it's a standard ATX power supply. They typically use High Power brand PSUs in their builds.