Question Are Thermaltake PSUs good quality?

That particular one is pretty bad, and even at 50 bucks is overpiced.

The best option is to hunt down a Corsair CX450 or CX450M or better yet the 550 watt version of either. They are somewhat hard to find and their price has jumped. The 450 watt should be around 50 USD and the 550 should be in the 60 to low 70s USD

here is a CXM the price is alittle high though

There is also the Corsair CV which is based off the VS which wasnt particularly good but apparently has been updated to meet bronze vertification. Theres very little reviews on it, but in a fairly low budget build it should work fine.


Answer to the subject of your post: "Depends"

Answer to "is the SMART series good?" The answer is "No."

Just like how Chevy has the Corvette... the also have the Spark.

You can't just ask "is Thermaltake OK?". They have a full range of products from crap to great.



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