Are these components good enough for a gaming PC? Help appreciated as I don't know too much about components.


Jan 7, 2014
Hi, I don't have a very good understanding of PC's but I'd like to get into PC gaming. I would like to know if these components put together be enough to run Battlefield 4. Any help would be appreciated because I am very unsure of what to do. I have left out windows software but I do acknowledge that I'm going to have to buy that too as well as a case. I have a disk drive, gpu, ram (2x4gb), 500gb hdd, and an 15 cpu. Do I need more things for a gaming pc or is that it? Here are the minimum requirements of battlefield 4: Thanks in advance.

Here are the links to the components:

I am aware that I don;t have a case and any software such as windows 8. I'd just like to know if these parts are compatable with each other and work well with battlefield 4. I have a budget of around £500 minus the case, monitor and windows 8 software so please keep that in mind when suggesting any changes. Thanks for any help.

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