Question Are These CPU Voltages Okay While Gaming?

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May 1, 2023
I have a Ryzen 7 5800x, I don't do overclocking or undervolting, closest things to that is obviously having DOCP enabled in Bios for the ram and Eco Mode on for the CPU. I was also messing with changing the Maximum Processor State to 99% to see how it would affect anything (which I've had on for a few weeks)

are these voltages on the SVI2 TFN and Vcore readings okay? are they too low or too high?

Elden Ring (the larger plateaus are when I was tabbed in, they ranged from 1.28v-1.4v):

Destiny 2 (again, the larger plateaus are the important ones, they mainly hovered in the 1.2v range and sometimes spiked to 1.3v):

so my question is: are these voltages too low or too high, or are they fine? should I be concerned in any way? I got worried because when I checked the voltages in Elden Ring last week, they seemed to be a stable 1.3v rather than doing these minor fluctuations
Within PBO settings in your mobo BIOS, there is the ability to set PBO Limits to Manual, and adjust the PPT limit down to any custom amount you want. (Not sure what enabling ECO mode does)

PBO Curve Optimizer (as mentioned before) is a great setting to use. It's an undervolt offset. Allowing the CPU to use less power at any given frequency. This is helpful to increase core frequency within a given PPT (W) limit. I haven't personally done testing on my CPU to see how much watts a -20 Curve Optimizer setting saves you, but something is better than nothing. Depending, you could maintain stock frequency, while operating at a lower wattage in your scenario.

Again, as mentioned above, I don't think the cooling issue needs to be shouldered by power limits. Even with PBO on, the 5800X draws 120W. That's well within reason of the AK500.