Question ARGB fans with in-case controller


Nov 3, 2018
I am getting a p400a case that has a controller in the case for the 3 preinstalled case fans. If i get an additional 2 fans and daisy chain the rgb to the controller will i need to use the ARGB fan for anything.
so do you need an argb header if you are connecting fans to a in case controller?
This is my first pc build so bear with me for i dont have a clue if i am correct or not.
Also my mobo is an Asrock b450 steel legend. And i was asking this so if i dont need an ARGB header i could potentially get a b450 tomohawk max for cheaper


As stated in your previous thread, here, you will need the ARGB header or confusingly known as DRGB by Gigabyte and Phanteks. I would suggest that you go slow with the RGB connections, work with what is already in the case. Even experts have a tough time dealing with all the silly nomenclature and connectors of an ARGB/RGB system.

Novice's won't find it any easier. If anything, work off the ARGB header with the fans that come bundled with the case and then get up to speed with the connectors. Also, if you need more food for thought, please look through the forums to see how people skimped out on boards but were focused on RGB/ARGB lighting that they spent more trying to rectify a mistake created in the first place.

To answer your daisy chaining question, not all fans are made equally and not all fans have the same power draw, so if anything what are the additional 2 fans make and model? You will be better off getting an ARGB fan hub to pair with the fans(and loose more brain cells trying to connect them).

My 2 cents though, hope it helps.
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