Argh Help!



After my brother decided to fiddle around with my computer, I had some difficulties connecting to my usual game 'Everquest'. He says he used it to transfer some files from one partition in his harddrive to another. (His computer was down) Really never knowing much about computers, and willing to try anything (plus I'm going to school in a week I figure I need to password protect my computer) I set up a user account and a password.

The next time I log on, the pass word doesn't work.

I can't seem to recall setting an admin password. Is there some sort of default password that can get me access to my computer again? =(

I am currently running Win2k.
Though, considering how much time it took to install it the first time, I might simply go back to Win98.



May 17, 2001
you must have set an admin passowrd, without admin rights your 2k system will be difficult/impossible to configure properly, do you really need 2k? as you mentioned, 98 may be the better o/s for you.

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Just log on with the same account you used to create the new user, then check the user name and password to try and find your mistake.