ARM-Based Notebooks Are On The Way

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This ...
[citation][nom]Yuka[/nom]Once they hit the retail, we'll see if the ARM based offerings can jump the x86 programs fence. If you were to install Win8 with no programs, u'd be better off installing Linux (in any flavor) instead of paying for and OS with no programs to run in.And don't get me wrong here. I want RISC to make a comeback and drive more innovation around it, but we all know big brother Intel won't make it easy: not on the OEM's and not on the Developers.Cheers![/citation]

And this ...
[citation][nom]Niva[/nom]If it has good battery life and you can put linux on it, I might buy. Right now I don't need an Android OS on a computer, cell phone is enough.[/citation]

Plus this ...
[citation][nom]Haserath[/nom]Arm is going to fall so hard the moment people realize that each architecture change= no compatibility with older programs. Why do you think the new phones coming out don't just have the A15 which is 50% faster than the A9 arch ARM? Intel will be able to stay ahead with optimization of process and arch...the juggernaut is not going down without a fight.[/citation]

Not so much this ...
[citation][nom]molo9000[/nom]I don't think your realize how efficient ARM architecture is.Even 9W is still 5 times the max power consumption of current 1GHz dual core Cortex A9 based SOCs... and those are nowhere near 5 times slower.[/citation]

When companies make claims like this ...
ARM chief executive officer Tudor Brown said that Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 OS – which we saw running on ARM-based SoCs back in January – will actually push its technology into 40-percent of the market's netbooks by 2015. He also estimated that ARM will command 85-percent of the tablet market in that same year.
... they are delusional and have been drinking too much of the Jen-Hsun Huang Kool-Aid.

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