Question as soon as i install 1650 graphic card driver my screen got no signal


Feb 13, 2018
you can find my PC specs on this link...
Recently while playing game with my GTX1050 my system suddenly got switched off and didn't turn on for a while{even try to turn on it but it didn't}.. after some it got turned on and i find no signal to my monitor but i can here windows booting and log screen sounds through my GTX1050 fans running but no signal to monitor.. my Uncle told me that it was Graphic card or PSU failure since fan running{GTX1050 doesn't need any extra power connectors..all it need pcie slot} i bought 1650 to replace my 1050.. before installing the new graphic card i used DDU on safemode and uninstall the 1050 driver..after connecting my new graphic card i finally got signal to monitor i thout it would do fine. as soon as i install 1650 driver my windows 7 asked me to reboot.. after rebooting windows logo appears and the bam no signal again..i updated my OS to Windows 10 no use..same problem i Bought another PSU 800watt -80Plus Bronze one...still the problem persists..i bought Zotac 1650 OC edition.. wanna hear your thoughts on this..please help me on this...Thanks In Advance..