Question Ask about upgrading discrete graphics cards for synchronous desktops

Feb 2, 2023
I have an HP desktop PC that I bought in 2018 and still use it
Configure like this:
CPU: Intel Pentium G4560
Ram: 1X4GB DDR4(I will raise it to 8G)
Main: HP model 82F2
PSU: 180W(I will raise it to 450W)
I want to install a graphics card, is there any suitable card?
without knowing what your intentions(specific games, resolution, in-game settings, etc) for this card may be, no one can offer any "upgrade" advice.
but being limited to a 450w power source there really isn't much viability to be offered at all.

you would need to include your budget,
what PCIe power cables are needed(if any),
and what space you have to fit any card that just might be suited for this situation.

a much better option would be to move away from this prebuilt junk and start a custom build in a new platform.