asrock 939 dual vista?

I just went through this. I had a good AGP card on my secondary system which had a AMD 2500+ and just wanted to upgrade fairly cheaply. I waited sevsral weeks for that asrock to be restocked and it just never showed up anywhere. I eneded up getting that Asrock dual board (but the previous version), off Ebay for 30 some bucks. I put in an Opteron 170 which is now running at 2700 and no problems.

If I had known about the Asrock Intel dual board you linked I would have just gotten that! Oh well, at least I gave AMD a little love.

That Asrock AMD board will allow you to upgrade to AM2 with an add-in card BTW.


Nov 25, 2006

Ya I know. I picked one up a long time ago for my nephew. Problem is finding the board. And from what I saw, the price was steep. A new motherboard would cost about the same $. But ya, showing AMD a little love can never be a bad thing :)


Sep 4, 2007
your absolutly right except i also have a amd 64 4200 and wanted to keep that as well. i would really appreciate any help finding this board. by the way im typing all this with my wii. god my hand hurts.
Ascendtech has the ecs kv2 Lite with k8t800pro chipset and agp support for $44 with free shipping. I have an extra dual sata II, but it will cost you around $75 shipped. It's a newegg open box with no accessories. Asrock america will send you a backplate for around $5 shipped. I use the ecs board in my backup system, and it works ok, but doesn't overclock well.