News ASRock AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT is Seriously Cheap at $360


The driver issue is something that plagues some users and others have none.
I have not have any issues, but my install was completely new without old drivers causing havok. Most people who has had problems Are those with two monitors and upgrading from older gpu.
it seems that amd driver or installation program really don`t like older drivers. That is bad, but can be remedied in most cases with clean install.


Are thermals gonna be ok on this card? It's hard to get info on this specific build
The Asrock 5700XT , it's not a triple fan but looks like it does the job of keeping it cool, I even think it's better than the Asus fiasco with 5700XT strix, they had their cooler screws badly done so the GPU would go up to 78c and with high fan speed.

So yes, for 100$ less you get probably equality if not better temperatures. ;)
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Seriously cheap? $360 is still kind of expensive and puts it way behind leaders on the performance-per-dollar curve at ~50% higher cost per FPS, which makes it still considerably overpriced in my book.