Question AsRocks X399 Taichi Error 93

Mar 17, 2019
  1. Board: X399 Taichi/A/ASRK
  2. Bios Version: P1.30 (according to stamp on the board). It's a band new unit.
  3. CPU: Ryzen Threadripper, TR 2950X(YD295XA8UGAAF)
  4. Memory: Patriot DDR4 32GB 3200MHz PV432G320C6K
  5. VGA: Sapphire Radeon Nitro+ RX 590 8GB GDDR5 Dual HDMI - PCIe in slot 1
  6. 3 Samsung 970 EvoPlus - M.2 Boot drives
  7. Liquid CPU Cooler Connected to USB for data and sata for power.
  1. Powers on fine. However, no screen is ever displayed on monitor attached via Sapphire card.
  2. Dr Debug cycles and lands on error 93.
  3. Reseated graphics card, still landed on error 93.
  4. Removed graphics card and booted. Dr Debug still landed on error 93.
  5. Looking on the board (brand new), it appears to be stamped with "P1.30", which I assume is the bios version.
  1. Could it be throwing error 93 due to my M.2 Samsung boot drives?
  2. Is it throwing the error because my Threadripper 2950X is too up-to-date for the version of the bios?
  3. I saw on compatibility that I may need bios version 3.10 to run the 2950X. Is that true?
  4. If I can't boot to a screen that can help me upgrade the bios, how do I update the bios?


You need BIOS version 3.10 to run that CPU. It is not supported with the original bios version 1.30. You will need to download the latest BIOS version, unpack it to a USB drive, insert it in the proper USB slot for using the BIOS flashback feature and press the BIOS flashback button. There are plenty of online tutorials on how to do this if you look for them.

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