Review Asus GeForce RTX 3090 Ti Review: Witness the Power


I guess they didn't offer reference cards because FE would really need to stand for Fireball Edition.

Nvidia conference room: "Hey, remember what AMD did to make the Vega 56 and Vega 64 creep past the GTX 1070 and 1080 performance numbers, respectively? We should totally do the same thing!"


Oct 19, 2011
Thanks for the thorough review as always! Such good detail and analysis!

Yikes though. Street price of almost $3000, power consumption of almost 450W, and only 10% performance improvement over the 3080 Ti? I know this is a halo product that's designed to be ridiculous and for bragging about. Still, not entirely sure who this is for. I'm sure streamers will hawk the 3090 Ti like crazy since they all get one for free.

If any "average gamers" purchase one of these things, I'd be genuinely curious as to why. Having the RTX 40-series, new Intel GPUs, and new RX 7000 series only a few months away makes this a puzzling time to launch or buy a halo card.
You have the MSFS 4K benchmark right on spec which is where I am with my EVGA 3080 Ti FTW3 (about 10% faster than reference). With ultra quality settings for the most part I am barely able to maintain 60FPS on the ground or at low level. In clouds or more dense metro area scenery it can drop to 45-50FPS. But there are deeper extended terrain/tree quality and dense building/dense cloud settings that make a difference as well and that's where I'm at. Another 10FPS would help get that solid 60FPS smoothness when panning around the cockpit. However, I'm sure not going to sell my original bought $1,399USD card (bought last summer on a NewEgg shuffle) to spend $3K minus whatever I could get that 3080 Ti for. Let's see what the 4-series comes up with, which based on Nvidia's history should first be the 4080 then the 4070 and lower tiers before the top dog 4080 Ti and follow up 4090 and 4090 Ti. That is of course assuming that world stability does not get worse.