Question Asus GY13QY Fans won't spin-up under load but can be forced to start ?


Oct 26, 2013
Hi All,

I recently bought a G513QY Asus laptop and have had a number of fan problems.

For SA I'm on 318 bios version.

No matter what setting i'm on in Armory Crate including manual with fans set to 90% at 30c they still won't come on. My laptop has gotten so hot some times that it has turned itself off.

However, if i start the laptop in the bios the fans kick in and hum along at 4.5k RPM, they never move from this state though even if i'm doing nothing and the settings in armoury crate suggest they should be almost off due to the current temp. Interestingly the temp in the BIOS appears to be zero but i know from Core Temp and Armory Crate that the temps are reading well. The above is also true is i use my Asus and test the fans they stay at the last speed tested by the fan tester.

If i do none of these things neither CPU or GPU fan turn on and they stay off until it overheats or i force it via conducting a test.

I'm so confused and don't know where to go from here beyond returning the laptop which is really annoying.


Reinstall all drivers and reflash the Bios if possible, it might be faulty. RMA it and get a new one. The temp. In Bios is wrong so the fans always think the temp. Is low and don't kick in. Coretemp might use other sensors than the laptop to check the temp.