[SOLVED] Asus LCD monitor - Service Center problem


Apr 23, 2017
Hello friends.
So, here's a little customer story:
I bought ASUS LCD display 2 years ago (on 03.12.2016) and got a warranty for 3 years of repair service.
About 3-4 months ago display started to make high pitch noise on contrasted pixels (Like in Excel or This photo.
The noise is like that:

Reading the forums and having some personal knowledge I found out that it may be a capacitor or coil whine.
But the problem is when I took it to the service center officially certified by ASUS, after diagnostics I got an answer that, "It is totally normal for the displays to have that kind of noise". So called "Expert", even scratched my screen, which I did not see until I got home with a display. Main idea behind "making no repair" was that Decibels are in normal range of what it should be.
Well, I am pretty sure most of you will agree that it is not and I want to ask if you have some kind of ways or knowledge what should I do.
ASUS is telling me that my only option is to "Write a complaint to the Service Center", which is no real option, result will still be the same.[strike][/strike]
Anyways, Please guide me in that situation.

Thanks for your help.


Not that is not normal, I have seen in monitors and all of them that I can remember either failed soon after or were bad to begin with.

Here is what you do. Have this tech that tested the display and said it was normal plug in some other monitors he has to demonstrate which ones have the whine noise that work normally. If none of them do, then it's pretty clear that he is not correct and it should be fixed or replaced.