Dec 22, 2006
This is one of many topics about P5B Deluxe. Im just wondering will these other parts will go in the mobo without any problem.

Here is the sexy mobo I want:

I already know it will in the Antec p180 case, and supports Intel e6600.

Just wonder will these be compatible with it, so please take a moment and look.

eVGA 7600GT KO

Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800 PC6400 2gb
(man i didnt thought rams would cost more than the mobo)

Well just wondering if they are compatible with each other before I end up buying the wrong product and deal with the return hassle. Thx for your input.
Do a little research on the RAM. I've seen a lot of posts with people having issues with the Corsair XMS CAS-5 RAM, but not so much with the Corsair XMS CAS-4 RAM on the P5B family boards.

See this thread:

p5b-e plus XMS2 PC6400 c5

There's a number of other threads on Corsair's forum as well as Toms'. I would consult with someone who has actually used that CAS-5 RAM on the P5B-Deluxe to make sure it will work.

The video card will work just fine. Do you plan on overclocking any?