Asus ROG G-Sync Monitor: Another Look at an Award Winner

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I am not surprised that a TN panel from Asus is superb quality. I have 2 VS248h-P monitors I use for work, LED, and they are beautiful in quality. Asus is a company much like Corsair, they both make the best quality they can for their respective markets. It is why I tend to get Asus motherboards and am looking at the Asus R9 290X DCUII right now once the price drops.The GSync is a great idea. Honestly I can see it being something they could easily integrate onto a GPU as a co-processor, much like the old add-on math co-processors for CPUs. And with time I could see it being integrated into the GPU itself.Of course this is a start, much like any technology which needs to start somewhere but soon we will see thing for AMD and NVidia helping improve our 3D gaming performance as always.
Asus, shut up and take my money! I've been waiting for something like this for years, and this is even better than I expected. I've been googling for more news on it every day since rumors about it first started popping up.

This thing is going to have at least as good image quality as my BenQ XL2420T, which rivals a lot of the lower end IPS screens. Absolutely going to be buying one of these, and then updating my system in about a year to a Skylake based system with a closed loop convection cooler like the new Swiftech H220X and a dual-maxwell GPU, all crammed into a mini-itx box.



May 30, 2013
After using a 30 inch 2560 x 1600 display for the last 3 years I'm waiting for an affordable 4K 30 inch plus next go round, for less than $1500 that is.

Aside from the triple post...

You do realize that this is a 1440p monitor... that's 120Hz? That it's the very first monitor with those two things ever made, and that Asus had to commission an entirely new TN panel because there weren't any options out there? In addition to that, it's got a backlight that strobes automatically AND G-sync... meaning this monitor is absolutely blowing any other monitor out of the water for anything but professional video work.

Consider that gamers are spending $600 on high-quality IPS monitors that are JUST 1440p without any of the three other features, and that this is not only new tech but basically custom stuff... and it starts to look a little bit more reasonable.

I agree that it's expensive, but... it kills me when I see people with rigs that cost something pushing $2000 and they're using them to power a $200 display.

(Oh, and by the way, your monitors, while very nice, don't hold up in comparison to a native 120Hz monitor when it comes to frame variance, stuttering, or input lag. They're as close as we've ever come to 1440p, 120Hz native monitors, but they're just a step below. Can't imagine what playing with surround 1440p, overclocked monitors must feel like, though. :D )
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