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Question ASUS Router can't seem to connect to Cox modem


Jan 5, 2015
Hi. I have a

Cox panoramic Wi-Fi modem
ASUS RT-AC86U Router

I actually got it working (once), kind of.

Here's the steps I did to get it to work the first time.

  1. Turned modem to bridge mode
  2. Unplugged modem
  3. Connected modem to WAN port of router
  4. Turned on modem
  5. Turned on router, (WAN light is red)
  6. Ignored the red light
  7. Went to router.asus.com
  8. Clicked 'create new network'
  9. WAN light turned white as ASUS auto-detected my connection type: automatic IP
  10. ASUS detected that I needed to download new firmware, so I let them
  11. finished setting up my network
  12. entered in a password that was over 16 characters for my router account
  13. Wi-Fi now works, but now I can't login to my router account at router.asus.com
Then, I decide to factory reset the router to do it all over again, this time with a sub 16 character password.

From then on, the WAN light would always be red, no matter how many times I reset everything, the order I booted everything up, or whatever.

I have internet access only to router.asus.com, which is what and redirect to when my desktop is plugged into the router.

When I set up the new Wi-Fi network from the second time onwards, ASUS can't auto-detect my connection type. Instead, I have to manually tell them that my connection is automatic IP.

When I go to router.asus.com, I can see that there is only one device connected: my desktop.

Also, router.asus.com tells me that my ISP's DHCP does not function properly.

I've looked up how to fix this, but I can't seem to figure it out.

Thank you.