Question Asus x570 tuf gaming plus or pro?


Aug 10, 2019
I've basically decided that this will be the motherboard I go with for my new build, im just a little on the fence on the plus or the pro.

I know the pro has wifi 6 technology but I plan on direct connecting my pc anyway so im not sure how much of a benefit that would be. The pro has higher ram speeds but I only plan on running 3600mhz speeds at best, which the plus provides.

The only thing I dont understand is it says the plus doesn't have a front panel usb 3.1 gen 2 port but it does have a back one. My question is, what even uses or benefits from that usb port? I guess I'm just trying to know if that would even help me or not.


The higher ram speeds is always marked with an asterisk since your mileage can and will vary. You could work with DDR4-3600MHz ram kits though there are some threads here where people only managed DDR4-3200MHz speeds while on the advertised voltages, so some tinkering was necessary, not to mention the latest BIOS updates.

If you have high bandwidth devices, then that's what you need the USB port for. The plus also has a smaller heatsink arrangement while still maintaining the same power delivery design, meaning your temps and overclocking expectations can and will vary.

Oddly enough the specs page for the Pro isn't working for me, shows up a 404 error, maybe Asus is running a maintenance on their servers.