Question Asus - Z87-A RED VGA LED Upon every shutdown until the GPU is removed and re installed. Yet Restart works fine!


Jan 13, 2010
Ok Guys I got a head scratcher

asus Z87-A motherboard
Intel i7-4770k
16gb corsair XMS 3 ram
650W Corsair PSU
Asus Strix 1060 6GB GPU

The other day my pc hard froze for the first time in many years. mouse would not move nothing. Hard shutdown and Upon restart the VGA LED on the motherboard was solid red.

Now if I removed the GPU from the PC. Restart the pc it will be red again. Restart another time and the PC will boot from the On board Graphics.

Shutdown again then re install the GPU into the PC and boot. Same Red LED. restart again (sometimes a few times) and then it will boot with the GPU installed.

Now a really strange part. If I select "RESTART" from windows menu it will restart the pc no problem. If I select "SHUTDOWN" then

then use the PC power button to turn PC back on I will be back at square one with the RED VGA LED and the PC wont boot again until I remove the card boot from onbaord shutdown them re

install card and reboot a few times.

Once the pc is up and running it works just fine. Until I shutdown.

This pc was full functional for years prior

Situation screams motherboard issue to me I just feel its very strange once its up and running I have no issues.

Things I have done
I have tested the gtx1060 in 2 other functioning machines and it worked perfect.
I have tested a GTX 750 on this Problem Machine and have the same issue. with the whole process I can also get the 750 to run as well.
I have tested a different power supply on this PC with same issue.
I have removed and re seated the ram.
I have replaced the cmos Battery
I have tried the 2 other PCIEX16 slots
The bios is up to date.
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Jan 3, 2021
Hard to say... Is your bios up to date?
Your mobo has 2 pcie 3.0 slots, have you tried moving the graphics card to another slot? That right there would tell you a whole lot.