ATI 4870X2 frame rate problems crysis


Jun 13, 2009
I just got a new Sapphire 4870x2 and the frame rate when playing crysis is only around 15-20. I'm playing on high settings with no AA 1900x1200 res. I've seen a lot of benchmarks and they all say you should get around 30 fps on very high settings, and i'm getting crap fps on high.
I just switched from a GTX 275, which got 30 fps on high.
I have used driver sweeper and driver cleaner pro to get rid of all nvidia drivers.
I have a quad core 9650 processor,
4 gigs of ram,
700 watt power.

I have the newest drivers from ATI.

Does anyone have any idea why i'm not getting at least close to the fps i've seen on benchmarks for the 4870x2?
Why are my benchmarks so low, compared to all the reviewers benchmarks, and why am i getting worse fps when i just upgraded from a GTX 275 to a ATI 4870X2


Dec 15, 2008
Yeah why didn't you just get a second GTX 275 for SLI? Going from 1 to 2 cards I noticed a ~60-80% jump in framerate in crysis and can run it maxed out @ 1680 x 1050 with avg of 40-45 fps.

Can you tell us what resolution and visual settings you are playing at?


Apr 24, 2008
I've seen an 3870x2 get those fps on very high, so yes you have a problem... My bet is that CCC is screwing things up.

If I were you, id do a clean install (I do allways when i change cards), format the pc, reinstall windows, update and install fresh drivers.

When the ati drivers are installed veryfy if CCC has crossfire enabled and teake the CCC for the desired quality/performance.

If you still get low fps after this, two things might happen, first is that you are not getting enough power from the PSU to the 4870x2 card, or that you are being bottlenecked by you cpu.
On the first case, change the psu, on the second, overclock the cpu.

Good luck.


May 1, 2009
I Agree with the above posts about doing a full clean install, but if that still doesn't help your issue, then I'd recommend checking for a BIOS update for your motherboard, I know that my DFI 790GX there was a minor fix for 4870x2 issues, and on my brother's DFI x38 he also had an update that included minor fixes for the 4870x2. If that still doesn't work, I'd say that your CPU for sure is the bottle neck on the 4870x2, maybe try pushing it from 2.3 to maybe 2.6 or 2.8 if you can, see how that helps your frame rate, just my two cents.

Edit: Also, it would be helpful if you gave us more detailed specs so we could help diagnose your issue.