ATI Radeon 5770 Running very hot

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Sep 18, 2011
Good afternoon,

For a while now my ATI Radeon HD 5770 has been running extremely hot. Even in idle it's over 70°C and under load it can reach over 95°C. It's a XFX model looking like this:


My system specs are:

AMD Phenom II x4 940 Black Edition @ 3.0ghz
3gb DDR2 RAM
Gigabyte M720-US3 MoBo
Benq 24" monitor, 1920*1080 resolution.

Current case cooling is as follows:

Coolermaser Blue L.E.D fan 120mm (Front)
2x Coolermaser Blue L.E.D fan 120mm (Side, on same level as CPU and GPU)
Rear case fan 120mm (Rear, behind CPU)

At the time of typing this, I have running: Firefox, Skype, AMD V.E Control Center, PC Wizard 2010.
GPU temp is 95°C with 84% fan speed (4k rpm) and CPU is running at 62°C.

It seems a little scary that as soon as I open something like Firefox the pc goes into super-overdrive mode and acts as though it's trying to melt steel. Playing a game such as world of warcraft or even sims 3 blows the temps sky high.

I know it's normal to get into the 70-80s temp-wise but isn't 95+ a bit too high?

Help appreciated, thanks!


Feb 14, 2010
i know it may seem weird. but try reinstalling with a different set of drivers. also check the fan of your graphics card, take a look in it and make sure theres no dust built up. my card usually starts to overheat when the dust builds up into clumps inside the fan blades.
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