Question Audio problem on Toshiba Z40-A ?

May 27, 2021
Hello, I have a tosbiba z40 laptop running windows 10 1909 64bit , i have no sound after replacing motherboard as the old one was bad. I have tried everything:

- disable enhancement in sound settings
  • change audio format in sound settings
  • change realtek audio driver to high definition driver
  • uninstall realtek/high definition driver and restart computer
  • downgrading from windows 20h2 and installing a fresh copy of windows 10 1909 still no sound, (this was the laptop version of windows i got sound from)
  • installing windows 8.1 pro still no sound
  • installing linux mint to try out sound on different operating system and still no sound
  • change laptop speakers and headphone jack port still no sound
I check all wires and everything is connected properly, can anyone help me as to why i am still getting no sound?

Important: whenever i connect a bluetooth speaker or bluetooth headphones to the laptop i hear sound but no sound from laptop speakers. When i connect a wired headphone into the headphone jack i only hear static and no sound..