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[SOLVED] Audio tab stops working in game bar

Apr 21, 2019
So, you know that one feature windows has that if you press the windows key + g it opens the game bar on a game? All those different features, game mode, recording, audio, finding groups? I use that a lot to balance audio, from games with discord and YouTube, also other stuff. It’s a little bit more of a hassle to go into each of their settings to change their audio levels and some don’t have that feature! So I do that a lot. Sometimes when I’m playing a game and I open game bar, that audio tab, the only thing there is my speakers, all my other application audios are gone! There should be my general speaker audio, and audio for all the different application audios. So, ya. I balance a lot with new stuff and I have to restart my computer, sometimes multiple times, for the audio to come back up. I have run the windows troubleshooter, and looked all over the web, but I can’t find any problems.