AVADirect's W860CU: Mobility Radeon HD 5870 Vs. GeForce GTX 285M

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Well, I just bought an Asus G73JH-A1. This article made me think of maybe sending it back. I got a good desktop with 2 4850 OC in CF and there is no way that a mobility Radeon 5870 could ever top my desktop performance.

Still, I will be away from home for a lot of time and it's impossible for me to bring my desktop.

I am going to keep it, but it would have been nice to have an article about this... WAY BEFORE!

As I know, mobility Radeon 5870 and Nvidia 285M have been around for a couple of months.


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[citation][nom]redgarl[/nom]it would have been nice to have an article about this... WAY BEFORE!As I know, mobility Radeon 5870 and Nvidia 285M have been around for a couple of months.[/citation]
Well, it takes a month to get an article finished and published, and you can understand why companies like Nvidia and ATI weren't anxious to supply parts themselves after seeing this:

Basically, whenever a review is late you should ask yourself why that might happen, rather than rushing out to purchase something.


Apr 24, 2008
I agree with amdgamer666 I had an old HP dv6500 series which was an excellent computer other than the abysmal 8400gs graphics. I found that I wanted to play games away from home more than I played at home so I started looking for a reasonably priced gaming notebook that was also portable and had a professional look to it. I found the HP Envy15. I got a very sleek, light and professional looking machine with great build quality, a matte full HD LCD and a high end graphics card that would facilitate most of my requirements. In addition I saved about $450 off the purchase price with a coupon code and being an early adopter. I paid $1150 for my "gaming notebook".

It has its quirks but no notebook is perfect and it looks like HP has solved most of my complaints with their refreshed 14 and 17.

I love this computer and in my opinion it is definitely worth the cost (which I entirely paid for myself BTW)


Jul 6, 2008
[citation][nom]jkeopka[/nom]Lots. Mine is a Sager 8690... which is a rebranded Clevo W860CU...I have seen this model at other sites as well.[/citation]

I had bought a G73 laptop from Asus that had the 5870 in it, and every 3-5 minutes during Battlefield:BC2, the laptop whould get a white screen with lines in it and a horrible noise. I tried all driver updates and multiple hard drive wipes and OS / driver re-installs and nothing would work. I returned the 5870 laptop to the store and purchased the G60, a 15" laptop with GTS 360 in it, and it plays games with absolutely no problem. It doesn't get as high of FPS as the 5870, but it still plays games very fluidly and it doesn't crash.

It's what fanboyism is all about. Nvidia, it just, works.


Nov 26, 2009
I think there is a simple answer to why the 5870 doesn't perform much better than the GTX 285, when it should based on GPU power.
On page 4 the 5870 has 64.0 GB/s of memory bandwidth and the 285 actually has slightly more at 65.3 GB/s. These are pretty much directly comparable. If the memory bandwidth becomes the bottleneck, then it doesn't matter how fast the GPU is you won't get any more FPS. ATI could underclock the 5870 even lower without decreasing its performance.
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