Question B450m bios flashback + Ryzen 5 3600 = will work?


in the next month, I would like to upgrade my Pentium G4560 and my H110m Motherboard to the new Ryzen 5 3600.

I would want to use a b450m motherboard with a thing called "bios flashback" in which I've heard that you don't need a separate CPU to update your bios.

-Will it work?
-Should I get another Motherboard?

The Mobo I want to get:
People are having problems with it but if you follow instructions correctly it will work.

It's not overly difficult but it's a completely unforgiving process if you fail to get it right as there's no feedback. Problems seem to be that people use flash drives too large in size or formatted incorrectly, or they don't extract the binary from the zip or they don't rename the binary or they don't put it in the root folder or they don't put the flash drive in the correct usb port.

Add to it that many of these are people who're also first-time computer builders (certainly first time AM4 builders else they'd have an AM4 processor to burn the BIOS without resorting to flashback) then you can expect they make the same kinds of mistakes first-time builders commonly make (not using the right PSU connectors, not installing stand-offs or leaving stand-offs in that shouldn't be there, bending pins on the CPU, etc., etc).

Then throw in the final twist of the sword: this is essentially an all-new platform which is making for massive problems for all the board mfr's all on it's own. Novices as an early adopter is a formula for disaster.
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