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When i install the Windows nt 4.0 ,i select Promary Domain COntroller.
Now,what should i do to change it to Backup Domain Controller?

Please advise


Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsnt.domain (More info?)

Here are the steps. This is done in the server manager utility

Demote PDC to BDC

Whenever domain administration tools are used, the changes or additions
occur at the PDC. When domain synchronization occurs, these changes or
deltas are sent from the PDC to the BDC using this one-way replication.

Because a "stand-in" PDC was necessary while the "original" PDC was
offline, changes have probably been made to the database on the stand-in
computer; it will be important for it to remain the PDC while the original
PDC is demoted. Successfully demoting the original PDC will also cause a
synchronization with the stand-in PDC, giving it the recent changes done
during its absence. Later, the original PDC can once again resume the role
of PDC for the domain by simply promoting it in Server Manager.

To demote the original PDC just brought back online, use Server Manager.
Under the View menu, clear the check box next to "Show domain members
only." This allows a browse list to inform Server Manager that the
computer is configured as a PDC, and will allow it to be demoted. Select
the original PDC, and select "Demote to backup domain controller" under
the Computer menu.

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