Question Backup Free Solution


Jun 7, 2014
I would need to implement a backup for a folder of about 7-8GB, which contains word and pdf files that are created/modified daily, in addition to other old files, also of other type, that are stored.

I don’t know if in this case you need to make an incremental backup, differential or file synchronization.

I tried Cobian, setting an incremental bacup of a folder to do at 21 of every evening, but I find in the destination folder a full named folder and several crtelle incremental calls for every day that passes (which therefore contain the changes, from what I understand).
I need the backup folder to be saved and then "updated" on a daily basis, so that I have the same folder to re-write, with a simple copy and paste in case of problems.
So instead I find a series of folders and no longer just one (like something I work on every day.

Now I wouldn’t know if I didn’t know how to use Cobian or if incremental backup wasn’t my thing.

Can you advise me what is the exact operation to solve my problem and which totally free software are able to do it with a daily schedule?