Balanced or performance mode setting for Gaming

Jun 23, 2018
I just bought a MSI GF63 i7 /1050Ti and I'm just finding out about what I hear is Nvidia optimums,I think i's called,I thought something was wrong when I see the onboard graphics card running and not the 1050Ti ,I guess it switches only when I change to performance mode in Dragon center software.Problem is In win10 power setting I don't see an option to choose performance only balanced mode unles I create a new power plan,,should I just leave in balanced mode until I manually switches to performance mode ?,Also in Nvidia control panel,under 3d setttings,I switched from auto I choose video selection to dedicated Nvidia 1050Ti and then switched back after hearing that the system was working correctly switching back and forth,can anyone please give me some info on setting my new gameing laptop up correctly.RE:Win10 settings and Nvidia control pannel settings.Thanks!
My recommendation is to set NCP to your dedicated GPU, and leave W10 on Balanced. Then download and install Nvidia Inspector

Click the little green Nvidia logo on the center right edge of the GPU-Z looking Nvidia Inspector GUI.

Locate the game you're playing in the upper left corner using the drop down box. Pretty much all games are listed.

Next scroll down to the number 5 Common settings category, and click on Power management mode. Set it to Prefer maximum performance, then click Apply changes in the upper right, and close the Nvidia Inspector. Now each game profile you do this to will automatically start in High Performance mode when it's launched, and your PC will also automatically go back to Balanced mode when you exit the game. There's also no need to have Nvidia Inspector running.

What this of course means is your PC will idle at a cool and quiet 800Mhz CPU speed when net surfing and running light tasks, yet ramp up to max performance when you run games. It's great in the summer for those whom have no air conditioning.

OK, what about wanting max CPU performance for say video editing programs? No problem, most common editors like Sony Vegas Pro, or Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) are listed in the profiles library. Just take the same steps as above to adjust the Power management setting.

You can even create custom profiles for editors not on the list, like Avidemux. In that case, just just scroll over to the gold asterisk icon on the toolbar at the top of the profiles GUI. Name your new profile same as the editor name. Now click OK to save the name. (Note OK is greyed out in the pic I posted because I'd already saved the name before, as you can see by it showing in the Profiles bar.)

Now scroll to the "Add application to current profile" button and click it. It will take you to a browse box where you can navigate to the exe of your editor. Just click on the editor's exe, Apply changes in upper right corner of the NI Profile GUI as before, and you're done.

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