Batman Returns, Again: 'Arkham Knight' Revisited And Retested

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Emanuel Elmo

Mar 21, 2014
Lets face it guys. This game as failed that even the word failed does not encompass the full meaning of this failure.

WB pretty much said, if the game still does not run on your PC we will give you a full refund on the game. Oh... yea... we will try to fix it some more but we really don't think it will help.

So... good news everybody.... they made there millions on the consoles.. ripped off PC gamer on the pre-orders, than release a broken game that they promised they would fix and every four months they say.... sorry we can not fix it. We are going to bail.

So glad I did not buy into this game on pre-orders. I would link the article, I am just not sure if I would really violate on rules. So I would rather not. But if anyone does a quick search you should be able to find it.

The article I read was published about 2 hours ago.

Cheers!!! Keep pre-ordering those games guys and lets keep giving great reviews on broken games. I am sure with big companies will change on their own. Cheers!!!!!


They purposefully handicapped the PC version so that the console counterparts would sell. Simple as that. The game looks amazing and runs flawlessly on PS4 at 1080p with a "modified 7870". You need no more proof than that.
Honestly that practice seems fairly rampant in the industry. As a PC and console player (less console as of recent, hoping to go next gen for xmas ;) anyways point being I am left feeling as a player on the PC side by dev's as undervalued/second class citizen of gaming. First it was hacking in online MP dev's demonized PC for, then pirating became the new "cause" ( i had more friends playing hacked games on modded consoles then PC for the record)...and we have always been getting crap console port jobs but now they have reached this epic level of Batman Arkham Knight not to mention Far cry 4 and lets not forget Assassin's Creed Unity. I know I am not the only one enraged by this treatment.

The easy answer would be switch to console where Devs have all the control they desire over a platform. What they don't understand is PC gaming is more then having prettier graphics...It's the closest thing to a democracy for gaming we players get. Players get more say in game play through mods, community, imagination and ultimately greater function of their choice gaming unit. Personally I think the big corporate types would just love to crush players like myself to fit in their hardware mold. It will not happen. Despite their best efforts to demonize the platform it has grown and is expected to reach $35 billion dollars (vs $31 billion for consoles) by 2018. I truly hope Game dev's/publishers will start to embrace us and put the proper polish on games(regardless of plaform). PC gamers have become the bigger cash cow and should be treated with respect.

For all these reasons I have been extremely hesitant about buying Batman Arkham Knight. Ultimately I will make the purchase as I have played the entire Series thus far. Only difference is I'll wait until its on sale and patched to as good as it gets. WB and Rockstar could have had my cash for full price week one had they done their jobs properly but I have pre-purchased one to many games in a horrid alpha state. I happily avoided that nightmare this time.


Oct 31, 2015

I agree. I've been hesitant about purchasing any games period. Also, I'm in the same boat as far as my dwindling console playing. The last console I actually purchased was a Dreamcast, with a PS2, X360 and PS3 donated to me. While each had their nice selection of proprietary games, I found that those that simultaneously launched on PC were riddled with issues. Games on PC used to be essentially done before getting released, with a patch here and there to fix minor issues. Now PC gamers have become the beta testers for developers. If this was standard practice on all platforms, everyone could be equally disappointed but we have this dichotomy between PC's and consoles that has been going on for quite some time.

Though I am thoroughly disappointed with the path that Valve has taken with games like CS:GO and TF2 and their numerous micro-transactions, it seems to be the way of the future for PC's to flourish. I do believe that the rise of independent developers will bring us all back to the glory days of PC gaming and though it will take some time, games like Minecraft and Terraria are doing a great job in doing just that.
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